2013 – 2014 Editorial Board

2013 – 2014

Denver University Criminal Law Review Staff


Editor in Chief


Alison Blackwell

Alison is in her third of law school and has a passion for advocacy in the public interest. Alison is honored to serve as the Editor-In-Chief for the Criminal Law Review during its fourth publication. Ultimately, Alison aspires to become a public defender in Colorado. In addition to her involvement with the Criminal Law Review, Alison represents indigent clients in the University of Denver Criminal Defense Clinic and she is the President of the Criminal Law Association.

Managing Editor

jenny V

Jenny Vultaggio

Jenny is a Colorado native who fell in love with the law during her undergrad years. After obtaining a Legal Studies minor at DU’s business school she embarked upon a path that would couple her passion for the law with her future career. Having spent her entire adult life working with seniors, Jenny decided Elder Law was a perfect fit. Through externships and experiential learning, Jenny has been building up skills that will enable her to either litigate or do transactional work in estate planning, protective proceedings, estate administration, probate, etc. As a back-up plan, she dreams of owning and operating her own bakery in Charleston, South Carolina. In her free time, Jenny loves cooking/baking, vintage shopping, and spending time with her husband Tony and dog Gatsby.

Business Editor


Sheena Goldsborough

Sheena grew up throughout Colorado and graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a degree in Business-Finance and a minor in Spanish.  After college she worked in both Durango and Colorado Springs for various companies as well as the state government.  She joined the Criminal Law Review in 2011.  She has worked in both private and public sectors of the legal arena and would ultimately like to pursue a career in public interest.  She is interested in probate, Indian, criminal, and business law.  In her limited free time she can be found playing in the mountains on road trips to the western slope, reading the magazines at Barnes & Nobles, painting, and spending time with friends, family, and her partner in crime, a dachshund named Buford.    

Solicitation Editor


Kasey Baker

Kasey grew up in Michigan and graduated from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids with a degree in International Business and French. After a couple years she realized her passion for law and came to DU. She has interned for the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office and Colorado Ethics Watch. She hopes to practice in Colorado or the Pacific Northwest as a Public Defender or Family Law Attorney. She also represents indigent clients in the Criminal Defense Clinic and is President of the DU Law Democrats. Kasey enjoys baking, yoga, arts & crafts, glitter, swimming, and traveling to places with large bodies of water.

Online Editor


Ilya Lyubimskiy

Comrade Ilya hails from Moscow, Russia and has been living in the USA for just over 16 years.  After graduating from Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a degree Accounting and a Certified Public Accountant license, Ilya decided to pursue his passion for Criminal Law at DU.  He quickly joined CLR in 2012.  Currently employed at Gutterman Griffiths P.C., Ilya is brushing up his skills dealing with the courts and drafting pleadings.  Ilya’s wish is to be a successful and fair prosecutor after graduation.  He is actively looking for positions interning at the DA’s office.  In his free time Ilya enjoys spending time with his wife, his dog and his friends, playing basketball, traveling and hiking.

Recruitment Editor


Charles Dow

Charlie grew up dangerously close to a large nuclear waste site in Eastern Washington, and as a result has never ceased glowing. While studying in the winters to get a BA in Political Science, he worked as a forest firefighter in the summers to afford school and extensive travel abroad, to include places like Ireland, China, Mongolia, Finland to name a few. After joining CLR in October 2012, he is presently loving his current position. After graduating and passing the bar, Charlie seeks to work for one of several federal law enforcement agencies before retiring on his Christmas tree farm. While not in class or in the forum, Charlie typically cannot be found.

Symposium Editor


Jenn phone 186

A. Barlow Anderson

Barlow was born in San Diego, but grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Barlow’s interest in criminal law started years ago. It led him into his undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and political science at Southern Utah University. His interests led him to law school and then to the criminal law review where he started as a staff editor in the beginning of his 2L year.

He has always had an interest in criminal law because of a desire to give to the community in a way many others are unable or unwilling. This created an avenue that allowed Barlow to begin work with the Criminal Defense Clinic where he represented clients whom he was either appointed to by the courts or retained in criminal matters. 

Senior Article Editor


Anthony Gallegos

Tony Gallegos studied political science and history during undergrad, and received a BA from California State University: Sacramento. He moved to Denver in 2011 with his girlfriend of 6 years, Cait Viscardi. They got married in September 2013. He is very interested in Criminal Law and hopes to have a career in the courtroom. He has interned at Colorado Legal Services and worked a stint at Bachus & Schanker. He is in his 3rd year as an evening student, expecting to graduate in May 2015. He is in his second year on the Criminal Law Review.

Article Editors

Brian Lanni


Brian grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Denver in 2011.  Brian was a competitive Irish step dancer since the age of 6, taught dance full time through high school and college, and then toured North America and Europe professionally with several dance shows before throwing in the towel and settling into law school.  As a 1L, Brian had his heart set on a career as a defense attorney.  That dream was shattered very quickly at a defense internship, and two years and four prosecution internships later, Brian is determined to pursue a career in Colorado as a criminal prosecutor.  Brian enjoys craft beer, board games, playing and listening to Irish music, and tapping his feet obnoxiously under whatever table or desk he finds himself sitting behind.

Laurel Johnson


Laurel is in her second year of law school and has a passion for criminal law.  She grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated with a marketing degree from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Laurel has interned in various departments with the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.  In her free time, Laurel enjoys swimming and playing with her dog, Mable.

Staff Editors

Archuleta, Nathanael
Benninger , Kevin
Bhalala, Samit
Brillault, Ashlie
Curran, Joseph
Endersbee, Nathan
Gardner, Jackson
Gilbertson, Chelsea
Hamblin, Matthew
Hudson, Jennifer
Jones, Adrienne
Joyner, John
Koelling, David
LaGarde, Michael
Malouff, Marissa
Maas, Stephanie
McAnelly, Tyler
Mohan, Courtney
Montour, Kyle
Mussman, Logan
Ramlo, Sandy
Ray, Adam
Sage, Jill
Selby, Jericah
Schultz, Mollie
Schwab, Jennifer
Seifert, Alyson
Smith, Mattson
Swigert, Christopher
VanOrman, Elizabeth Salinas
Vasquez, Ricardo
Visioli, Steven
Williams, Emily
Woods, Anne
Zihlman, Kaela

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